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Be smart and request a full report
showing the status and history of the high voltage battery


Our electric vehicle health certificates are an invaluable aid to the purchase of a used vehicle. The tests are carried out without adding a box, or handling around the ODB socket,

The mobile app that takes care of your vehicle

Without the addition of a device or manipulation of the OBD port,

MyBatteryHealth is a mobile app that allows owners of electrified vehicles to obtain a report assessing the condition and value of their battery, the main component of tomorrow’s cars. This report, which presents all recorded tests, can be viewed anywhere, anytime, simply by entering the vehicle’s VIN.

We provide a practical and reliable solution for anyone wishing to ensure the health of their traction battery. With our app, you can anticipate premature battery wear and contact the manufacturer if necessary for a thorough inspection.

By choosing MyBatteryHealth, you opt for a comprehensive solution that allows you to better value your vehicle and ensure its long-term performance. Our easy-to-use app gives you access to all the important information regarding your battery’s health.

We believe in a world where everyone can enjoy the benefits of electric mobility with confidence and simplicity….

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Why to test the battery

Preserve the performance of your battery

The traction batteries of electric or hybrid vehicles degrade over time. Factors such as storage time, temperature, charging habits, number of superchargers, and even driving style have an impact on battery performance and wear.

Increase the value of your electric vehicle

The value of a used electric vehicle is strongly linked to the state of health of its battery, the cost of which can be up to 20,000 euros to repair. It is therefore essential before making a purchase to know the remaining energy capacity and predict its future wear.

Anticipate your battery life

Based on our experience in electric vehicles, our tools allow us to test and simulate different use cases. We then model the battery of your electric vehicle, we calculate its state of health and we can predict its remaining life.

An innovative methodology to test your battery

My Battery Health uses an innovative diagnostic method, based on long experience and an increased understanding of battery aging mechanisms. Our analysis software uses data from manufacturers, and the latest vehicle information.

Test the battery

of your electric vehicle

Are you looking to sell your electric car at the best price or buy a reliable used one? Look no further than My Battery Health app – the easy way to get a comprehensive assessment of your electric car’s traction battery health.

Who's this application for

Individuals wishing to buy or sell a used electric car can consult an easy-to-understand report that allows them to check and compare the battery range and performance of all electric and hybrid models on the market. Our report presents the history of all battery tests in the form of a graph, which allows for a better visualization of the wear curve and anticipation of the future.

Automotive industry professionals who want to improve the quality of their service by offering their customers complete and detailed reports on the health status of used electric and hybrid vehicle batteries. We offer a subscription service that provides customized service, with a dedicated web space where all reports are sorted by date, brand, or model. The health report is printable and verifiable by future buyers using a QR code on the document. This service allows you to stand out from the competition by offering a superior quality service and guaranteeing the reliability of the vehicles sold.

Stand out from the competition and offer a unique service to your customers!

We centralize real-time monitoring of the health of all batteries in a fleet, providing operators with a single source of data on SOH - thus reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) of electric vehicles by up to €18,000 per vehicle. MyBatteryHealth customers benefit from a comprehensive view of their fleet, optimized asset valuation, and up to 30% improvement in battery life, resulting in huge cost savings and benefits. Whether your fleet has dozens or thousands of electric vehicles, we'll help you identify anomalies in batteries, anticipate failures, and propose improvement strategies that reduce your costs and eliminate risks.

So why wait? Subscribe today to the "Pro" version of MyBatteryHealth and discover the power of our innovative application to provide the best service to your customers.

Our application advantage


An innovative and efficient diagnosis which makes it possible to evaluate the wear of the battery of an electrified car and to facilitate its resale.


Getting started with the application is simple. The battery health log is accessible via a QR code and can be shared easily.


The health of your electric vehicle's battery is estimated by a trusted third party who provides you with a complete and detailed report.


Access your certificate in a few seconds, only by entering the serial number (NIV). The history of use, the state of wear of the battery and its energy capacity are provided immediately and can be consulted at will.



My Battery Health is the story of three engineers who have been immersed in the world of computing and electric vehicles for years.

They were among the first French drivers of Tesla, the iconic precursor manufacturer of electric cars. The three founders quickly identified the need to have reliable and secure indicators for the maintenance of their environmentally friendly vehicle. They looked at a solution to predict and optimize battery life.

That’s when My Battery Health was born in 2020.

Drawing on their experience in electric vehicles, their tool makes it possible to test and simulate different use cases, to optimize the operating strategy and to predict the remaining life of the batteries.

Our partners

Predicting and optimizing the life of an electric vehicle battery is now possible thanks to the trust of our partners!


Obtain a professional certificate that estimates the state of health of your electric car via a complete and secure report.


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A reliable and secure certificate that assesses the state of wear of your electric car’s battery.

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