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By downloading our application, you benefit from the first instant health test of traction batteries provided by a trusted third party. A must for taking care of your electric car and obtaining the best possible resale value.

The complete report of a vehicle is available on our website by simply entering the vehicle identification number (VIN). The report is then generated and can be accessed at any time using its QR code. Owners can also refuse to have the battery test results uploaded, which will prevent the corresponding report from being generated.

Why My Battery Health

Peace of Mind

For optimal maintenance and resale, it is essential to know precisely the health status of the battery of your electric car. This is where our application, My Battery Health, comes in. Independent of any industrial or financial group, we offer innovative services to facilitate the adoption of electric vehicles. With our application, owners of electrified vehicles can assess the wear of their battery, the key component of future vehicles. And for buyers, we provide a detailed report, accessible from anywhere, at any time, for all electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles.”

The benefits of this report are multiple:

The solution offered by My Battery Health facilitates the resale of electric vehicles and increases the value of your car by displaying the health of its battery and its evolution over the vehicle’s life.

Moreover, by regularly checking the battery status of your car, at least once a year, you can anticipate premature wear and contact the manufacturer for a thorough check if necessary.

Most importantly, you will have access to the My Battery Health label, a unique certification of the battery’s condition. You will have unlimited tracing of the battery wear over time, from its first test, thus having the complete usage history. This is essential before buying a used vehicle.

How does it works


My Battery Health uses an innovative diagnostic method based on extensive experience and increased understanding of battery aging mechanisms. Our analysis software models each battery and is backed up by battery pack calibration methods, providing results with unparalleled accuracy.

The data required for the test comes from the Battery Management System (BMS) of the batteries. These methods make it possible to precisely determine the health status of the battery (SOH, or State Of Health). Our AI compares the results to batteries of the same type, age, and mileage to establish our own health score and, most importantly, alert you if any anomalies are detected.

On our report, we specify the battery’s health status, its theoretical range, and its capacity in kWh.

We state in our report:

It is easy for anyone to compare each vehicle in the same range.

The app in three steps

Our Ambition

shared value

Our health attestation keeps a complete account of your battery, secured in the Blockchain.

It is accessible when you scan your QR code to view it. You can easily share it with a potential buyer or your insurer. Because we are committed to protecting your privacy, anonymity is preserved throughout the process. Your profile data is encrypted and protected to preserve your privacy.

Focus on the features of the application​

Full identification

Your vehicle is identified and studied, regardless of the manufacturer

Clear result

The certificate delivers a clear result thanks to simple indicators: perfect, very good, to be checked...

Accurate display

The application offers an accurate display of the capacity of the pack and the theoretical autonomy of the battery

Secure report

The result of your test is secure and accessible at any time, via a unique QR code


Obtain a professional report that estimates the state of health of your electric car via a complete and secure report.

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A reliable and secure certificate that assesses the state of wear of your electric car’s battery.

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