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Our History

'My Battery Health'

It was in 2020 that My Battery Health was born.

Hervé, Paul and Richard have always had the conviction that the world of tomorrow is based on ecological transition. This is why they decided to contribute by creating My battery Health, the first application dedicated to the health of your electric vehicle’s battery.
A daring and innovative bet which aims to facilitate the procedures for buyers or resellers of electric cars


the seasoned 

Associate director of an computer’s compagny and undisputed fan of electric vehicles, Hervé has been immersed in the world of entrepreneurship for 20 years. 


the mentor

For 20 years, Paul has supported companies in large-scale IT projects. He is the enthusiastic and communicative technical referent of the team.


The electrical

Always invested in electric vehicles and precursor of Tesla rental, Richard masters all the cogs of the green automobile.

How works this application

We wanted a universal application, easy to use, reliable and suitable for all use cases.

It is therefore in a few clicks and less than 2 minutes that you can obtain the report on the state of health of the battery of any vehicle.

We directly collect information about the vehicle, the model, and the on-board battery pack from the manufacturers, using secure connections.

The user will have to complete this data with the very latest information from the vehicle’s ECU, either by entering it manually or by authorizing direct access via the vehicle’s identifiers. (No data is recorded, only the result on the state of health will then be saved in the database)

From these data, a modeling of the battery is made by our software, and a very precise assessment of its energy capacity and its autonomy is carried out.

By then cross-checking this analysis with the new values of a battery we providea health score and the report clearly displays the general state ranging from “Perfect”, “Very good” …. Till “verify” when we believe extensive manufacturer testing is necessary.

We recommend for the analysis to be as reliable as possible to have a battery pack charged at least at 50%.

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Memories Of The Past

Since 2019

2019 is the birth year of VIA, a software editor dedicated to the assistance of electric vehicles.

A first application called T4U is launched for the general public. It offers an innovative tracking and management solution for electric cars. A great success for the world of smart tracking. T4U is 50,000 users worldwide and a technological partnership with Tesla.

Since this initial success, My Health Battery is launched in 2020 to assess the wear of electric vehicle batteries. A cross-manufacturer application that allows you to obtain a report in just a few clicks.

VIA is the editor of those two applications and offers a complete solution for the management of tomorrow’s electric vehicles.

Quelques chiffres

L'application My Battery Health délivre une attestation de santé pour votre véhicule électrique

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In a world of connected devices, we wondered why vehicles are not in this ecosystem. We set out to fix that...

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My Battery Health

A reliable and secure certificate that assesses the state of health of your electric car’s battery.

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